The XXV Conference on Applied Crystallography

The XXV Conference on Applied Crystallography

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XXV Conference on Applied Crystallography

The XXV Conference on Applied Crystallography will take place in Poland on 202?. This is a continuation of meetings which have been held once every three years since 1968.

The Conference will provide a platform for crystallographers, material scientists and solid state physicists to discuss methods and techniques used in crystallography studies, to present their recent achievements in solving different material problems, to promote new ideas in the field of material science. The conference scientific program will include oral and poster presentations covering both the fundamental and applied research.

This will be an exciting event with strong emphasize on open atmosphere to build an international network and relationships and to exchange knowledge and ideas. We look forward to welcoming you in Poland and your active contribution and participation in the conference.

Professor Danuta Stróż
University of Silesia


It is our pleasure to inform you on that the XXIV Conference of Applied Crystallography will take place in beautiful Bieszczady Mountains near Przemyśl.

Przemyśl belongs to a select group of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities.
His thousand years of turbulent history were intertwined with the fate of the entire Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
The city is located at the foot of the Carpathians, boasting the richness of more than a thousand monuments, captivates with an unforgettable landscape of steep streets, old buildings huddled up to them and towers of old churches climbing higher and higher.

The memorabilia of the great European history and the proximity of the former Polish Kresy and their unique atmosphere make Przemyśl have a specific climate created for centuries.
People who live here for many generations, their traditional hospitality, bold and implemented plans for the future, make Przemyśl gaining on attractiveness becoming the main tourist center of Podkarpacie. Although Przemyśl lost the status of the largest city in the region several dozen years ago, it is the seat of two archdiocese and unique museums and a place of interesting cultural events. The vicinity of the forts of the Przemyśl Fortress and the border with Ukraine, the proximity of the Bieszczady, Eastern Carpathians and Lviv are additional advantages of the city, which really deserves to be called exceptional.

Source: Town Hall in Przemyśl


  • Danuta Stróż, Poland


Danuta Stróż

Robert Albrecht
Maciej Zubko

Agnieszka Stróż
Krystian Prusik
Grzegorz Dercz
Mirosław Grzegrzółka

Program for 202? | 4 day meeting | 30+ hours lecture