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As the only facility of its kind in Poland, ARŁAMÓW****Hotel has its own airport, located 14km away (1200 m asphalt runway) and heliports (located 600m from the Hotel).

The nearest big airports to Arłamów are located in Rzeszów (125 km away).

The alternative airpoirts are Kraków (295 km away) and Katowice (370 km away).

Kraków Airport website

Rzeszów Airport website

Katowice Airport website



The organisers will provide bus for the Conference participants to the Confence venue from Katowice Railway Station, Kraków MDA Bus Station, Rzeszów Bus Station and Przemyśl Bus Station on 2th September. After the Conference bus will be provided from Arłamów to Przemyśl, Rzeszów, Kraków MDA Bus Station and Katowice Railway Station.

The proposed, bus schedule is (approximately departure time):

Sunday, 2th September:

10:00 Katowice Railway Station → 11:40 Kraków MDA → 14:00 Rzeszów Main Bus Station → 15:20 Przemyśl Main Bus Station → 16:20 Arłamów Hotel

Thursday, 6th September:

15:00 Arłamów Hotel → 16:00 Przemyśl → 17:00 Rzeszów → 19:20 Kraków MDA → 21:00 Katowice railway station


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