Conference Programme


PDF file can be downloaded here

The aims of the conference is to propagate the newest achievements of applied crystallography among crystallographers, solid state physicists and materials scientists. It presents application of structural studies to materials used in industrial practice.

The scientific program will cover crystallographic methods of structural investigations to study crystalline and non-crystalline materials with neutrons, X-rays and electrons.

Vendors will display the latest technology at the exhibit show.

Traditionally, scientific program will be complemented by an extended social programme.

The following topics are suggested:

  • Development of methods and techniques in the X-ray studies
    – quantitative analysis
    – crystal structure refinement by the Rietveld method
    – stress, strain and crystallite size determination
    – small angle scattering
  • Crystal structure determination methods
  • Structure-property relationships
  • Crystallography of phase transformations
  • Crystallography computing – software and data base
  • Texture analysis of materials

Material structures

  • metals and alloys
  • ceramics
  • polymers
  • thin films
  • quasicrystals
  • amorphous materials
  • nanomaterials
  • molecular crystals
  • structure of interfaces